Employer Accreditation

🌟 Attention Employers! Let’s Talk About Employer Accreditation 🌟
Thinking about hiring from overseas? Here’s what you need to know:
1️⃣ Employer Accreditation: Before you can bring in talent from abroad on an Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV), your business must be accredited with Immigration New Zealand (INZ).
2️⃣ Job Check: Once accredited, you’ll need to seek permission from INZ to employ a migrant worker. This involves advertising the position.
3️⃣ AEWV Application: After completing the first two steps, your prospective employee can apply for an AEWV work visa, which could be valid for up to 5 years!
🔍 Step 1 – Employer Accreditation: To become accredited, your business must meet certain criteria such as financial stability or having a solid business plan in place.
The employer must:
i. have not made a loss (before depreciation and tax) over the last 24 months; or
ii. have a positive cash flow for each of the last 6 months; or
iii. have sufficient capital and/or external investment to ensure the employer’s business remains viable and ongoing; or
iv. have a credible, minimum two-year plan (for example by having contracts for work) to ensure the employer’s business remains viable and ongoing. This plan should be prepared by a chartered accountant.
Please note that employers are required to meet one of these above-mentioned criteria
✅ Settlement Support Activities: Once hired, you’re committed to providing essential information about life in New Zealand to your AEWV holders.
📝 Compliance with Standards: Remember, you can’t pass on certain costs to your visa holders, such as recruitment fees or training costs.
🛠️ Accreditation Process: The application is online, with a current fee of $740. Processing takes approximately four weeks.
Ready to expand your team globally? Get accredited today and open up a world of talent for your business! For inquiries, call us at 021 129 9888. Stay tuned for more updates on AEWV.

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